• News

    :: 2015 CGLab got funding for a TUBITAK research grant on Data Analytics

    :: 2012 CGLab got funding for a bilateral research grant on Augmented Reality together with Università di Bologna.

    :: 2011 CGLab got funding for two Turk Telekom research grants on Augmented Reality.

    :: 2010 Research results will be presented at ISCIS (UK) Conference.

    :: 2010 CGLab got funding for a TUBITAK research grant on Information Visualization

    :: 2010 CGLab member Selcuk Sumengen got TUBITAK fellowship to collaborate with UC Merced.

    :: 2009 Research results will be presented at CGI (Canada), CASA (NL), HCI (USA) and GeoVis (D) Conferences.

    :: 2008 research results were presented at SIGGRAPH, Information Visualization VRCAI, Cyberworlds and CAA 2008 Conferences.

    :: Istanbul Archaeology Museum Marmaray-Metro Rescue Excavations Symposium (in Turkish)

    :: CGLab members received IBM Faculty Award

    :: CGI 2008 will be in Istanbul and co-organized by CG Lab

    :: Three CS 450 'Computing and Art' course projects will be presented at SIGGRAPH'07 and IEEE InfoVis'07 as poster presentations

    :: CG Lab got awarded with a collaboration project on Medical VR and AR with University of Lecce, Italy

    :: A toolkit for cultural heritage researchers,CH-Tools is freely available

    :: Recent papers will be presented at CGI 2007, HCI 2007, Grapp 2007 and CAA 2007

    :: CG Lab got awarded with Sabanci University internal grant for a transdiciplinary project 'Novel Representation and interaction techniques of complex datasets'

    :: CG Lab participated to the exhibition of Techne digital performance platform between 17-22 April, 2006.

    :: CG Lab got funding for three TUBITAK research projects

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Our graduate research activities are focused on two areas:

– Augmented Reality

– Information Visualization.

In addition we are pursuing research and educational activities in collaboration with visual/sound designers, leading to presentations at international conferences (SIGGRAPH, Creativity and Cognition).

CGL organizes a game competition among the undergraduate “Computer Graphics” class students, where they present their projects to of a Jury consisting of major companies from graphics domain. The competition also serves as a networking event for company executives and students to improve the local graphics community.

CS 405 Computer Graphics

CS 450 Arts and Computing

EE 572 Simulation and Animation of Motion

CS 543 Visualization and Real-Time Rendering

CS 508 Virtual Reality

Special Advise to Sabanci Undergrads:

List of Courses (in no particular order!):

CS201, CS202, ENS 204, ENS 211

MATH 201, MATH 202, MATH204 MATH 206 MATH 322

VA 201,VA 202

CS 204 CS 301 CS 307 CS 308 CS 403 CS 404 CS 407 CS 409

ME 307 MS 451

TE 407 TE 409

PHYS 302, PHYS 312

WARNING! It is almost impossible (and useless) to attend all the listed courses. Try to get the idea: You need to be an excellent programmer + maths hero + some physics (solid on mechanics, some optics) + keen on visual arts There are some overlaps, construct your program around courses you are interested freely.

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